Benefits of our online classes

Max. 4 Kids

Time and attention for everyone in a great learning atmosphere

39CHF per hour

Fair price for online classes with qualified tutors

From 9 years old

and ability to use a laptop/computer

Jederzeit kündbar

No lock-in, you can cancel anytime

Project-based learning

Applying coding theory to your interests to design your own projects

Learn collaboration

Through collaborative project work and mutual support.

Improve Math Skills

From coordinate systems to algebra, we use mathematics to solve problems.

Build creativity

Realize your own projects and share them with others.

Better than Zoom

Online Learning, that's engaging

Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, make it difficult to create an interactive classroom experience. We enable group classes where children work together, discover new topics and form friendships.

Spatial Audio

Feels like you are in the same room

Just like in a real classroom, you can walk around and participate in conversations. You will hear the conversations only of those closest to you.

Shared Browser

Discover and work together

Children can work together on projects in real time. No more screen sharing where only one person can work at a time.

Personal Spaces & 24/7 Access

Work at your own pace

Materials and projects are always accessible, even outside of live class time.
We guarantee age-appropriate access, without ads and public access to your profile and work.Materials and project are always accessible, even outside of live class time.

Diagramm und Übersicht von einem Programmiertutorial

Parental Access

View your progress

Parents can see what their children are learning and how they are progressing. They can view and interact with the projects they have developed.

App Übersicht wo die Eltern den Programmier Fortschritt ihrer Kinder sehen
Registration Process

How does the registration process work?


Fill out registration

Information such as available times, previous knowledge, age and grade level, to help us find the right group for you.


Private Onboarding Video Call

Child and parent or guardian will meet the tutor, learn how the platform works and ask any questions they may have.


Group Assignment & Curriculum

Depending on the registration and onboarding, a start date will be determined.

Weekly online class

Let's go!

If the group or tutor is not a good fit, it can be changed.


What our students have built

Projects developed using Scratch, Python, JavaScript, etc., such as a programmed design that was printed on a t-shirt.

Scratch Projekt und Programmierumgebung


Ewiger Tunnel


Ringspirale mit Python

Mit python programmiertes Design auf T-shirt gedruckt. Farbige Spirale.



Programmierte Website von einem Schüler wo er seine Projekte vorstellt.


Meine Website



Scratch Projekt und Programmierumgebung


Ewiger Tunnel


Ringspirale mit Python

Programmierte farbige Spirale mit python. Gedruckt auf ein T-Shirt



Programmierte Website von einem Schüler mit HTML, CSS und Javascript.


Meine Website




If our offering does not meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you, for example by offering more classes per week. Online classes are a subscription paid every 4 weeks.

Small Group Class

39 CHF


Receive individual support and feedback from an experienced tutor in a small group.

55min Live-Class

Weekly with the same group

Top Tutors

Skilled & Passionate

3-4 classmates

Learn and work together

Cancel anytime

Cancellation & changes are possible at any time

Register for Group Classes

1-1 Private Class

70 CHF


A personalized curriculum with an experienced tutor to provide targeted learning and support.

55min 1-1 Live-Class

With the same tutor

Top Tutors

Skilled & Passionate

Special Requirements/Schedule

Specific programming languages or projects

Register for Private Class

Frequently asked questions

Have any more questions? Contact us via

What does my child need to participate?

All your child need is a laptop with webcam and microphone, and a good internet connection.

What is the change/cancellation policy for online classes?

Subscription can be cancelled/changed at any time by notifying us via email ( at least 7 days prior to the next billing date. No refunds are provided for changes/cancellations made after the billing date. Your subscription will remain active until the end of that billing cycle and will not renew. Please read our full policy here.

What happens when I need to cancel an online class?

Group classes: We cannot offer a discount or credit for missed classes, but we will provide materials for what was missed.
Private classes: Please notify us at least 48 hours before the session (via email) to reschedule with the same or another tutor, or receive a credit of 70CHF off the following month's payment.
Please read our full policy here.

What is included in the curriculum?

The curriculum depends on the age and knowledge level of your child. Typically, the classes start with the basics of programming, ie., variables, loops, conditions and functions. The aim is to teach students the ability to design and write simple programs and algorithms to solve problems.

The more concepts a child understands, the more they can delve into more specific topics, such as; website design or game creation.

How old does my child need to be?

We teach children ages 9-16. However, if your child is older or younger, please contact us at to discuss whether Kids.Code Online is a good fit for your child.

How do I pay for the online classes?

It is a subscription plan with payment scheduled every 4 weeks. The group classes are 156CHF and the private classes are 280CHF. Our subscription plan offers the flexibility to modify or cancel your subscription before the next billing date. Please view our full policy here.